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Melissa Camacho
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Hi Team, I have a couple of questions:

Do we have any documentation about Monitoring Sample Rate?

Is it possible to adjust the default 3% in the site settings in Maxymiser? How does this default percentage affect the implementation of my campaigns?


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  • Sachin Jain-Oracle
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    Hi Melissa Camacho,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    In this case you needs to request the Sample Rate to increase.

    So the process is:

    1. Raise a ticket
    2. Request in that ticket that the sample rate for Audience Insights report is increased as much as possible
    3. Then the engineering team will review internally and increase the rate themselves, to the appropriate level (the Oracle team does this automatically, the user cannot do this)

    If you would like to continue discussion here please feel free to post your comment or feedback.



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