Ability to Schedule Programs to Activate

Michaela_Patt Posts: 7 Red Ribbon

The request I have in question is for Programs, requesting the capability to schedule the activation of programs, similar to what is available on Campaigns.

For context, we are finding that for many use cases we admin for we need to use the Program to Campaign flow to ensure contacts can receive emails more than once each time they fit the segment logic. But for something like an automated download ticket reminder that the client wants to send at 8 AM ET, our team is having to get online at 5 AM PT to activate the program because it can’t be scheduled. With this happening more often, we will have a hard time keeping up with this. 

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  • Cheli
    Cheli Posts: 27 Gold Medal

    I'd like to also schedule a deactivation of a program as well. Some programs should not be on forever, and if you know when it should be deactivated, it'd be a nice to be able to schedule that too.

  • Kyle_Murphy
    Kyle_Murphy Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

    Seeing some activity on some of these making it into a future road map, so want to bump this up. The ability to schedule a start and end data on Programs seems like a quick an easy enhancement and one that would solve large issues for our processes.