Manage Exclusions directly from Lead Scoring Models

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I dream that one day we will be able to manage exclusions directly from the Lead Scoring Model builder.

Let's say I want to score all my contacts but students.

I can attribute % to all contacts whose Job Role is not = Student.

I'm also attributing % to all contacts whose Industry = Food & Beverages.

If my contact is a student in the Food & Beverage industry, then they get 0% from the Job Role attribute but they still get some % of my profile scoring from the Industry.

Sure, I can manage exclusions before creating the leads in the CRM using Shared Filters/ segments and so on.

But wouldn't it be better to have when building your Lead Score, a page for Profile, a page for Engagement AND a page for Exclusions (that could simply be built as a shared filter tbh) ?

Something like that or as a setting (the idea is to get the exclusions where the model is) :


  • they don't false my reports
  • I can report on these excluded people
  • I don't need further segmentation in my lead management process
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    This is a really valid request. We find for our multi-national Eloqua clients the Lead Score Dashboard becomes useless because it shows e.g. all 4,000,000 Contacts scored against each model. So, we have to create Insight Dashboards (not as pretty) to carve out the specific audience the Lead Score Model is targeting.