Track clicks on links which contains a url in a merge field.

It would be nice if we can track the clicks on a link which contains a merge field from a CDO which is a url.

We use often a person url link in our e-mails to sent personal documents to our clients. We would like to measure the number of clicks on that link. Now I have understood, it is not possible.

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  • I faced the same problem with a customer of mine. Usually the URL is the same for everyone but there is just a parameter that is personalised.

    Rather than pushing the entire URL to eloqua you should make a field to store the unique id.

    In your email you place the fixed URL and add the parameter with field merge and add &elqTrack=true to track it (or select redirect link in the UI).

    If your fields contains multiple parameters already (?param1=test&param2=abc) and you want to field merge them in 1 go you need to add some kind of dummy parameter to the link. If you dont eloqua will get confused with your parameters and you will end up with 2x a '?' In your link.

    Example with just the id in the field:

    <a href="https://my site.com?param=fieldmerge&elqTrack=true">link</a>

    Example where the field merge contains "&param1=test&param2 =abc":

    <a href="https://my site.com?dummy=Dummy<fieldmerge>&elqTrack=true">link</a>