Remove clicks on "test sends" from our click maps!

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"Insight" can tell the difference between test and actual sends, why can't our dashboards?

If y'all weren't aware (because I wasn't!) the clicks you make on your test sends are actually represented in our "Email Analysis Dashboard" click map- but why?

Most of us will send a test email to ourselves and click on ALL the links (to make sure they work, they are tracked, and they are going to the right place). THEN when we make the actual send, it's nice to check the "Email Analysis Dashboard" click map and think "WOW! Our recipients scrolled through the entire email and clicked on everything!" - guess what, no they didn't; those are OUR clicks on the test send!

The work-around for this challenge is to copy the email before deploy and send that copy, but don't test the links before you do. That sounds terrifying! What do you all think?

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