Option to change leadscoring model run times to lessen impact on system performance

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We are using a lot of various leadscoring models in our Eloqua instance, and while this so far has been a good strategy for us we have noticed that the scoring models impacts the system performance of our instance in a negative way. The negative system performance stems from how often the leadscore is calculated, since they now re-calculate every time a data point is updated. This makes it more difficult to scale up the usage of leadscoring models over time as we today find ourselves with a constant backlog of contacts that are waiting to be scored, with some contacts waiting as long as 120-130 hours before being updated properly.

We have discussed a possible solution to this and would like to present an idea that would be to have the option of setting up the leadscores with different run times and frequency (much like segment evaluation in a program). In addition of doing leadscore calculations every time a data point updates like it works today, there would with this setting also be possible to set up leadscoring models to evaluate in a more flexible manner that might better suit the customers operations.

An option like this would potentially greatly decrease the amount of times the leadscore would run during the day, decrease the amount of contacts getting evaluated hourly and have a positive effect on the overall system performance.

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    Trying to upvote this butt it seems that the option is not available.

    This sounds like a great idéa. It would be very beneficial to have this option for the lead score models, hence making it possible to scale the benefit with leadscore models within one instance in eloqua.