Improved Reporting and Auditing

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We would like some better reporting on data exports and last login/ user activities. At present it's difficult to audit what/ how much data our users have downloaded and when.

We'd like to see who last exported a segment/ what contacts it contained at the time to allow us to track/ confirm any unusual behaviour - this is currently a concern/ risk from a security perspective. We'd like to be able to see in the audit log under export history the name/ path of a segment exported, the number of contacts and also the file size/ number of fields. We'd ideally also like to be able to dive deeper into exactly which fields were exported.

It would also be good to see more details around login history, such as session duration or which areas of Eloqua a user spent time in.

Finally, we'd like to be able to schedule reports from the audit logs/ to be able to pull the data via API so we can retrieve and analyse it more easily. If it was possible to pull via API we could add our own monitoring to track for users exporting greater than x contacts/ file size.

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