How to remove a set of custom object records from the Salesforce Campaign object

User_0PYBP Posts: 5 Jadeite

We use Eloqua integrated with Salesforce.com via the Salesforce integration app. Salesforce Campaign members are stored in a custom object. I mention this because this is the only Eloqua instance I've used to date and I don't know if there are other methods that could be in use.

The problem I am trying to solve is that when contacts in Salesforce.com are removed from a Salesforce campaign, they remain in the Eloqua custom object as associated with that campaign. I.e., a segment with the filter "Has Linked Contact in Custom Object"->Campaign Name = to "ABC" will still show people who are no longer in the campaign.

I have a situation now where nearly 400 records were imported into Salesforce by mistake and added to a Saleforce campaign. It was a mistake because those people were already in Salesforce and the import created duplicates. To fix this, the import was reversed - the 400 people were deleted from Salesforce and the Salesforce campaign they had been added to now has no members. But, of course, Eloqua still sees those 400 records in the Salesforce campaign CDO. Is there some way to remove them from the CDO?