Welcome to The New Infinity & Maxymiser Category!

Mark Grannan-Oracle
Mark Grannan-Oracle Outbound Product Management, Oracle Infinity and MaxymiserPosts: 21 Employee

Hi Infinity & Maxymiser Community,

My name is Mark Grannan and I am the outbound product management lead for Oracle Infinity & Maxymiser. I’m based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

We’re excited to share the new, joint Infinity+Maxymiser Category in Topliners. With the new Category, members can more easily see how our products are increasingly working together in a seamless fashion via our product updates, and:

  • Subscribe to each Category and update your notification preferences to choose when you want be updated about new posts and/or comments 
  • See pinned announcements so you don’t miss out on the latest content or news
  • Become recognized Topliners members as leaders with the new Leaderboard
  • Interact and engage across the broader Oracle Marketing ecosystem 

And much more in the coming days, weeks and months as we enhance our community features.

One thing I love about communities is the opportunity to engage with people; and if you're working from home like I am, maybe you'll find this renewed community approach as refreshing as I do to break out of our normal conversations.

We love to hear from our community members. Comment below and introduce yourself!