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Cole Ericson-Oracle
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I'd like to get a CDO type for Campaign so that I can create field merges to act as tokens so that I can have one record to update that cascades across all assets on my campaign.

Use case includes a webinar with invite, confirmation, and reminder emails where the title is repeated: if I have this as a field merge, I can change the title in one place and rest assured that title will be reflected everywhere I want it to be.

Another use case is for tracking URLs: I might have several emails on the canvas with different sending attributes, audiences, or subject lines, but the tracking URL in each is the same. I can add the URL to my CDO record once, and know that the URL field merge will populate it in all the relevant places on my campaign.

This would dramatically improve efficiency and my ability to troubleshoot campaigns because updates could be done at scale.

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  • Sebastiaan Van Dingenen-iODigital
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    Edit - It seems that I completely missed your point but I'm also all for this idea of having a sort of global variable, it is a missing feature for years. Not sure if CDO is a good place for this, would it not be easier to have a setup screen on the campaign itself and define global variables there (that automatically generate a field merge for you to use just in that campaign).

  • demandgendave
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    Hey Cole, hope you are doing well.

    Not sure you are aware, but there is a company called DemandByte founded by Ilya Hoffman who has made some great additions to Eloqua such as Campaign Launchpad and Email Governor. I am a partner/advisor to Ilya and have had tons of our clients leveraging the solutions. Campaign Launchpad in particular has capabilities for doing "Smart Tokens” for Eloqua. These allow you to do campaign-level field merges, automatically link assets, etc. I’d be happy to setup a demo for you if you’re interested to learn more. Here is some additional info in the meantime. If you want a demo with Ilya and I, just complete the demo request form on the site here: