Connect Eloqua contacts to google and event tags

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With the desire to connect contacts to their activities online beyond what can be seen by the pixel we would like to capture the eloqua ID of a site visitor and tie it to google so that we can transform event tags to external activities.

It seems like someone has had to connect google activities to eloqua in the past linked across their journey to see in profiler the use for scoring etc. This can't be the first attempt, so I am hoping someone can share their journey since we aren not finding direction with the TAMs and others. How are you doing this?


  • Cyrielle
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    You would first need to retrieve the contact id :

    • if the contact comes from an email, you can add it direclty in the links URL
    • If the contact doesn't come from an email AND you have a logged-in account (e.g. client login), you can easily get that information if your system is connected to Eloqua
    • If the contact doesn't come from an email and you do not have a logged-in account, you can use web data look-up to retrieve the contact id but that will be based on cookies so it might not be 100% reliable and it would be preferable to have 1st party cookies.

    Then you can push it into your data layers to use it in your events.

    How you push it to Eloqua as an external activity would be using API so I'm thinking that it will be depend on the tools you are using. GTM on its own cannot really do that

    Hope this helps a bit

  • Cyrielle
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    Another solution would be to use Infinity/ Maxymiser for this

  • Hal_D
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    Thank you for your response.

    • For the contacts with a logged-in account (e.g. client login). We don't currently have eloqua connected so while we are storing this activity I can't import those actions without a way to create the relationship. It is part of our plan but that would require login even when it is linked. So also would like to get the users who have not logged into that system.
    • Cookies is part of our issue. We are first party but while we can retrieve the Js does not allow saving because the tracking domain is not exactly the same as the landing domain. Do you know if anyone has gotten this to work?

    I have not looked at Maximiser at all but as it is for testing and personalization I presume this would work in similar manner to web data lookup. I think what I will need to understand if we can save the GUID from here.

    Thanks for the ideas and thoughts. I'll consider these further.

  • Cyrielle
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    For the cookies, normally you should be able to use a different tracking domain for each of your domains. So if your Eloqua LP have example.com as a domain and your website is domain.com ; you can get 2 first-party cookies domains, they will be just be 3rd party for one another and your contacts will have a different visitor profile for each tracking domain.

    Sorry, I think Infinity -not Maxymiser- would be a better fit for this use case as you can use information from the data layers to push information back to Eloqua ; Infinity would require 1st party cookies but at least you would have the latest part of your use case covered.