Set the focus/cursor on the company name field on the login.eloqua.com page

When you go to login.eloqua.com the focus/cursor is not automatically in the company name field of the form (it is nowhere).

When you use a tool like Bitwarden and you click on your password to prefill it it always gives an error that it cannot find the form because no form is selected. To counter this you always need to click inside the company name field and then click the password in bitwarden (or start typing). I can imagine other password managers have the same problem.

Would it be possible to modify the login page and just put the focus/cursor on the company name field? I'm sure it would benefit more users (even without a password manager, saving them a click as they can just start typing their info).

On the login.oracle.com page you don't have this problem (or any other login form on any other website). It feels like an oversight during the development of the login page to not put the focus on a field?

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