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Using custom objects to send emails in Eloqua is usually quite painful, I have some suggestions for a new way of working that could unlock a lot more 'easy to use' automation capabilities in Eloqua.

CDO Segment

First new feature is a CDO 'segment'. This can be very similar to the current segmentation module and still keep into account the contact but the result that it returns would be all the matching CDO records for that contact. This will be a way to feed the new 'CDO Campaign' listed below.

  • A segment builder specifically to filter on CDO Records and not contacts
  • Usable in CDO Campaign
  • Usable in CDO Program

CDO Listener in CDO Program and CDO Campaign

Second feature is an update to the CDO Program listener to also listen for modifications and having this 'new' and 'modified' listener also built for the new 'CDO Campaign' in a similar fashion.

  • Listen for modifications in CDO (not available in current CDO program)
  • Listen for new records in CDO

CDO Campaign

This is the main feature. The campaign canvas can still work like it does today but instead it will be using the contact linked to each record as its filter (when filtering on contact data). As with the CDO program builder you would be able to filter on each specific record for providing logic and all CDO field merges/Dynamic Content on this object will use the appropriate value from each record.

  • A campaign where similar to a CDO Program you select the CDO it is related to
  • Able to add CDO segment and refresh hourly
  • Able to add CDO listener for new or modified records
  • Emails or dynamic content sent via CDO campaigns take the values from the CDO

Contact Campaign

This is an addition to the current campaign. When using CDO field merges today you are always stuck with limited filtering options to ensure you are merging the correct data. This solution proposes a new optional campaign setting where you can add 1 or more objects and determine the filter for each one (which will be followed by the field merges and dynamic content).

  • New campaign setting: CDO selection + CDO Filter. When selecting a CDO (side menu, optional) and a CDO filter (for example CDO 'Events' where 'Event ID = ABC' any CDO field merge or dynamic content in this campaign using this object uses this filter.
  • The CDO selection and filter would make it 100x easier to make ready to use event templates. You make an email for each step in the event, you make a campaign template where the CDO option is selected and the user only has to change the event ID. Any field merge/token/event name etc will be set appropriately without any need for changes or automations while still leaving room for the user to modify the template freely for each event (but not having to touch critical parts that use CDO data).

Adding the ability to control filtering on Contact Campaigns feels like a must have for a lot of scenario's. You can currently do this in the field merge section but it becomes complex at scale. Moving this filter to the campaign (and adding the ability to determine filters on any objects you are field merging) would make it very easy for users to use a template in scenario's where the event is synced from CRM or other sources.

Adding the CDO segment interface and CDO type campaign would make any kind of automation much simpler for basic users. No longer do they need access to program canvas, update rules, CDO record processing or god forbid program builder to send CDO based emails.

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  • Tom.Niedoba
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    Guess for now all we have is the CDO record services for adding modified CDO records to a Program. This gets you part of the way there since you can add the linked contact to a program and finally add them to a campaign canvas for email... it is not straightforward, requiring way too many steps. I agree that filtering the CDOs for selection in field merges is lacking the functionality you mention.

    I would add that we also need filtering in the "Add linked records" step of a contact program to be able to properly select the CDO records we want added to a CDO program, thought it can be dealt with comparisons on the program, it requires all records to be added every time and increases program complexity.

  • The problem when using campaigns is when a contact has 2 records/emails that need to go out at the same time.

    For example a person that leases 2 cars and both contracts have a similar expiry date for a reminder email. Another could be a sales rep selecting to invite the person for 2 events at the same time.

    The contact can only be in the campaign once, you are always stuck with cdo program builder, cdo program canvas (for some logic but not to send the email) and maybe cdo record services.

    It could be so much simpler and more powerful with the suggested concepts.

  • Tom.Niedoba
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    Ahh yes I recall having ideas for that in the past... although I never ended up requiring such solutions in the end, it has come up recently. Have you tried the good ol' program builder for CDO records? It has been a while and would definitely seem like moving backwards when using Program Builder... but you can move CDO records from a Program Canvas fed via CDO record services or even add from the Service directly to the Program Builder, and then email CDO records directly from the Program Builder... I thought I could do that in the past, I might be forgetting something.

  • Sebastiaan Van Dingenen-iODigital
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    Hi Tom,

    There are indeed some ways to do it, one example would be to build a program canvas with a listener for new records, some logic to filter on it and then send them to a CDO program builder to send the emails. An alternative would be to use cdo record processing and send the mail from there or send it to a program builder from there.

    There are however some drawbacks:

    • Emails sent/open/click via cdo program builder are ignored in segment builder/shared filters/campaign decision steps. If you send 100 and make a segment you get 0 as a result. You can only report in insights
    • Emails sent in this way don't have a CRM campaign id so the integration cannot push the information to CRM (by default)
    • The process is slow as there is always a delay due to program builder and/or record services (if you use a listener in canvas you can skip the record processing time but not program builder)
    • It's a difficult process for novice users and in some cases only admins have access to the required features as companies protect programs/cdo configuration
    • CDO program builder emails cannot ignore global unsubscriptions (I posted a separate idea for this)
    • Dynamic content in these cdo program emails uses 'has record in cdo' but not the CDO record being processed. This means if you have a flow with 20 brandings you need 20 emails as you cannot use the dynamic content to make it dynamic (I posted a separate idea for this as well)
    • In order to allow the same email to be sent to the same contact multiple times (for example a standardized event invite template) in a CDO program email step you need to create a ticket to support to unlock the checkbox in the step, it is not available by default

    The fact that you 'can' do it is not always enough, it should be much more user friendly/robust/fast for users to actually use it properly

  • Tom.Niedoba
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    Absolutely agree with you, CDOs were not built with the same feature set as contact records unfortunately. You've obviously looked into the above scenarios in great detail and if you need all the features then at this time it might not be possible. Looking at some of the tasks on their own, sometimes we can trade off a lack of reporting for the ability to send CDO emails but that depends on your requirements.

    Good luck and hopefully they enable some of what you ask for!

  • User_KR6OX
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    Marketers would have an easy daily life with this feature.