Dynamic content in CDO program email does not use the CDO record

When you send a email via cdo program builder and add dynamic content that filters on the CDO it does not filter only on the record in the program.

Instead of filtering on the record it will work similar to a segment and check all cdo records.

Inn our case we upload a list of CDO records and send them to a CDO program builder that sends an email. Sometimes a customer has 2-3 contracts expiring so he gets 3 mails with field merges on the brand etc which work fine.

Ideally depending on the brand the email has a different logo etc. The field merges work fine but when you want to use dynamic content it fails as it will always take the same brand for all records.

The only alternative is to split in the program based on brand and send a hardcoded branded email with field merges for each one. If you have 20+ brands it becomes very tough to explain to the customer why we need to build 20 different emails.

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