Allow more complex logic on signature rules and remove limitation to have a user for each variant

When using signature rules today you always need to have a user for each variation you want to use and you only have the option to filter on 1 specific field.

For a standard use case where all your sales users are created as a user in Eloqua and you use some kind of 'Owner ID' this is perfect but this is unfortunately far from the reality in most scenario's.

We end up making dummy users for each variation (example Dept X Belgium, Dept Y Belgium, Dept Z Netherlands,...) which means we need to maintain the email addresses (from, reply, name) all in the user configuration.

To filter on a specific variant it is also difficult as there is only 1 field that can be used to decide which one gets used. In scenario's where the condition is based on more than 1 criteria your only workaround is to use a program with conditions and an update rule to set a 'unique' value for this 1 field.

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