New processing step in form 'Map contact' and new criteria to check if contact does not exist

Currently the only way to map a form to a contact is to use the update contact step with field mapping. If you want to run the step only for existing contacts you can add a filter to say contact email = form email.

This mechanic is quite vague for most novice users and in scenario's where the customer does not blindly want to make contacts (example CRM master database) we often see mistakes made and thus bad contacts being created by mistake.

This only covers the case where you want to run a rule only if the contact exists but there is no way to run a processing step only if the contacts doesn't exist.


  • 'New' contact submits form
  • No mapping, no new contact (done with rule form email = contact email)
  • Now i want to send a notification mail but ONLY if the contact didn't exist -> currently not possible
  • Other scenario: If contact does not exist I want to post the form to another form that handles non existing customers (maybe even in a different eloqua environment)

My suggestion:

  • Add a new processing step 'Map/Create contact' with some options (when exists, when doesn't exist, create new etc...) with mapping conditions (this ensures the update step is only for updates)
  • Add a new condition to filter on form processing steps where 'contact does not exist'
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