Enhancement of "Upload Mapping" functionality for Signature Rules

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The "Upload Mapping" functionality for Signature Rules doesn't work properly at the moment. You have to use the Reply to email address of the user to upload into the Signature Rules and if you have multiple users with the same reply to email address, then Eloqua choses one user at random to map to the Signature Rule. Manually the mapping is possible and the easiest way to implement this is to use the data from the Login Info section of the user, which is unique anyways (such as Email Address or User Name). This is actually also the information that get's populated in the excel export, if you export the Signature Rule mappings. But to upload the information, you need to replace the information with the reply to email address.

This would be especially helpful for A/B test with signature rules, where we want to test if the Sender name has any impact, but we still want to use the same sender email address and reply to address. Manual mapping is possible, just the bulk upload is not possible.

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