Allow more fields to be monitored for changes in listeners

At the moment you can only add max 10 fields to listen for changes, in some scenario's (for example optins, preferences, large environments) you typically need more than 10 fields. Would be great if this limit could be more like 25 or 50 (or all)

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  • Alexander Huzar - FlexPay
    Alexander Huzar - FlexPay Posts: 11 Verified
    edited Jun 1, 2023 4:59PM

    With Marketo, you can not only monitor any and all fields for any changes (and by the way there is no limit and it's "normal" to have more than a thousand fields), but you can also set conditions about what the previous value the field had, not just the last one, but if value X was ever present within the time frame you specify in your condition. For example, you can set up a filter that queries if field X had a previous value of Y "within the past 2 years". This is really cool and is the biggest differentiatior of Marketo vs. Eloqua. The historical values are derived from the contact/"person"/record's activity log that inventories absolutely everything including the source of any said activity especially the point in time of creation.

    Disclaimer: I'm not saying Marketo is better, in fact I find it absolutely infuriating and comically limited, but this particular feature is extremely useful that I would love to see within Eloqua some day.