Provide an option to remap a cookie

There should be an option when tracking a link or the user is submitting a form to force a remapping of the cookie.

Currently by default as soon as a cookie is mapped (click on eloqua mail or submit a form with cookie id) the cookie is linked to this person forever.

The eloqua user should have an option to force a remapping of the cookie (by adding a parameter in the link &remap=1 or by adding a hidden field in the form such as elqcookiewrite, does anyone even know what this does?).

Imagine websites with a login page, as soon as a user logs in you will want to remap his cookie if you want to do any personalisation afterwards).

I understand on a database level a remap is maybe not the best way as to not relink old data but maybe the parameter could somehow force the page to generate a new cookie and link this one.

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