Allow setting of checkbox Checked/Unchecked - "" / "on" values in Forms

Sebastiaan Van Dingenen-iODigital
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Currently when you use a checkbox you only get the value "" or "on". There are some use cases where you want to translate this value to another one for mapping to your database.

Currently the only workaround is to either create a program with an update rule or lookup table and process the data after it comes in, to add a custom processing step with conditions for each checkbox (to write the static correct value instead of mapping) or use front end JS to manipulate the values (which sometimes fails if the user disables it). Each of these has some drawbacks when you have a lot of checkboxes on your form.

Please add a setting where you can define for a checkbox what are the checked/unchecked values (perhaps a 'Custom Values' checkbox in the editor to overwrite the defaults).

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