Teams Webinar integration to Eloqua

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We are discovering that Teams Webinar is getting more popular in the webinar tools. What we think is needed in Eloqua is the integration between Eloqua and Teams Webinar.

Is this something we might be looking at in Eloqua in the future?

Are there others requiring this function?


  • Sachin Jain-Oracle
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    Hi User_ODPYE,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community forum with your question.

    One of our Oracle partners has developed something around this. Be sure to check out tray.io -> https://tray.io/connectors/microsoft-teams-eloqua-integrations.

    Please feel free to submit an enhancement request regarding this feature along with the following information at https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/dream-it:

    1) A brief description of the feature you want is to be added.

    2) A business use case. How will this feature benefit and help your business?

    The Product Management team will consider this request for possible inclusion in a future release of Eloqua based on desirability and ease of implementation.

    Please kindly refer to the Release Resource Center for any updates that may be released in future releases (https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-895287).

    Note: Once our product team receives an ER, they will analyse if it is necessary and if customers have the exact needs. The product team may reject the request if they think it is unnecessary or it is not possible to implement it on our platform. 

    If I answered your question, please click "yes" in the "Did this answer your question" section below.

    If you would like to continue the discussion here, please feel free to post your comment or feedback.


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