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Eloqua detects email open through click activity or by tracking pixels in download images. if the contact has not downloaded the images or performed any click activity, is there any method to track email opens? Please guide.

In the nurture campaign I'm working on, the user will advance to the YES path if they open the email; otherwise, they will move to the NO path. I am concerned for outlook users because if they only read the email content instead of downloading the images but are still interested in our content, they will take NO path and be cut off from the journey.

Could you kindly offer Outlook users a solution(If they read only content without downloading the images or not performed any click activity , it should record as Email Open activity)? Please be aware that we do not want to choose the click-through condition in nurture campaign.


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  • This is 100% a limitation of email, oracle can't do anything here.

    The only way a email can communicate back to Eloqua is by either downloading an image or the user clicking on a link.

    There are some new things like AMP which may in the future provide some solutions but I wouldn't count on it happening any time soon