Automated volume spreading (AI driven?)

Email send volume management is quite a challenge for some customers and a few of them tend to have periodic emails that need to go out in very large numbers (much higher than their average send volume).

In these times we often revert to excel sheets where we ramp up and spread the volume to ensure we actually reach the inbox (or use the send in batches setting but this only spread it evenly, if there are days where other big campaigns are happening this is hard to use).

My dream is that there would be a checkbox and date setting on the email steps to automatically determine volume:

Some ideas:

  • Let the user configure the "first " and 'last day of sending' on the email step
  • Calculate the IP's send volume (for each ISP) by the client in the last x days and calculate the most optimal ramp up
  • Automatically spread the volume in the most optimal way possible per ISP while still ensuring all emails can go out before the 'last day of sending'
  • Dynamically adapt the send volume based on other campaigns that are going out, keeping in mind that all emails do need to go out before the end date
  • Multiple active campaigns with this setting active should learn from eachother and adapt based on volume from the other
  • The system should automatically check if too many bounces are occuring or if the open rate drops drastically -> notify the creator

It wont be perfect but a setting like this could at least ensure email volume is somewhat controlled without the need for excel sheets and splitting up everything manually (or using the setting to send over time evenly which is the only alternative today).

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