When will MMS be in Eloqua?

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Hi! When will MMS be a feature option in Eloqua? This would expand Eloqua's text messaging capabilities.

Why? Universities and other customers need to include GIFs and images in their text messages which SMS does not allow but MMS does. GIFs and images help them increase engagement and conversions.


  • kpindle
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    @Christopher Campbell-Oracle , might you or someone on your team know the answer to this MMS question?

  • Christopher Campbell-Oracle
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    Hi @kpindle - we do not currently have plans to support MMS. There are a couple main factors - 1) cost of sending MMS messages has historically been much higher than SMS, making it more expensive to execute a campaign which decreases adoption (the additional expense of MMS can be made acceptable if the business is realizing a high success rate by executing highly targeted and personalized campaigns via an MMS channel); and 2) B2B use cases - customers have asked about support for MMS however the requests have been more exploratory, compared to known use cases that need to be met. One example is being able to pick up MMS open activities, which is not possible with SMS due to lack of any image to track.

    Support of MMS is something we will continue to evaluate. If there are firm, well defined use cases we would love to hear about them.

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    Thank you, CC! I appreciate the detailed response.

    I've heard from some Universities that they achieved better engagement and conversions with students, prospective students, alumni, and donors when using MMS vs. SMS.

    The use case re: tracking MMS open activities is a great one. MMS allows marketers to better know if their messages are being engaged with or not.

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    Is there any update on this MMS freature request for Eloqua? Is it on the 2023 Eloqua Product Roadmap possibly?

    Various Oracle Eloqua prospects have requested it: Los Rios Community College, University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), etc.