Basic integration with CX Sales using Contact & Leads?

David Soto V.
David Soto V. Posts: 13 Blue Ribbon


  • We are using Forms to receive Leads and trying to use the integration with CX Sales to create/update the Contact and then send the Lead.
  • We have created a CDO "Leads" to create a lead in every form submission, but is there a way to use only ONE program for this integration?
  • It seems that we need to create 2 Programs (Contact & CDO Program), we are trying this:

Contact Program: It sends the Contact to CX Sales via the Oracle CX Sales Integration, and uses "Add linked record to Program", which sends all the linked CDO Leads to the second program (not only the new one)

CDO "Lead" Program: Receives all the linked record and sends to CX Sales the only Lead that has "no Lead Id" yet.

Is there a better way? We would like to frist create/update the Contact and then send only the specific lead received, we are not sure if our 2-program-way is the best way.

Thanks in advice,