Deleting custom object records

Victor M Lopez
Victor M Lopez Posts: 24 Red Ribbon

Hi there!

I'd like to ask you if there is any option to automatically erase data of custom object records from a canvas directly.

I usually work with update rules when I want to erase some data of contacts but when the info is saved on a custom object it's not possible to apply this rule directly on a step (it doesn't appear btw the options).

Thanks in advance,

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  • Greg_W
    Greg_W Posts: 24 Silver Medal
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    @Victor M Lopez - why not use the Program Canvas for the custom object record. You can set a listener on the CO, check if mapped to linked contact, if not, delete the record, if they do, check if the meet other criteria then keep or delete... seems straightforward but not much info above on exactly what you want to do - and detail always helps!