Landing Page custom URL - not works with forms

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I would like to ask you if this is just default settings for Eloqua, or I missed something.


  1. I created the Form with Thank You page redirection after submission
  2. I prepared the Thank You landing page with Vanity URL (custom url: www.123.com/123)
  3. In Processing step, I did choose the LP that I have just created
  4. After Submission, the customer is redirect to this LP but.... with different ULR then I have customized.
  5. After short discussion with Oracle Support, I got info that I need to upload special picklist to link the Thank you page with custom URL...
  6. This is really strange that system works like that as there is a lot of additional job to do in system that was already done by adding custom URL by me :) So the URL is a system Eloqua URL not the custom one.

Am I missed something or there is easier way to achieve my so simple goal ?:)



  • Greg_W
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    @lckez - In step 2, are you creating a vanity URL outside of you Eloqua environment?

    I'm assuming that you see that page URL with the LP=543 where 543 is the Landing Page ID? It's not 100% clear. Assuming your Eloqua domain is go.domain.com and the page you are directing to is go.domain.com/123 (the vanity part of the URL) then there should be zero issue in selecting the redirect form processing step 'Send to External URL' and always redirect to the same URL go.domain.com/123 - this should display the vanity URL as opposed to the LP. Might be worth a try....