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I'm currently trying to set up a scheduled SFTP data upload of a csv file from an older legacy system which is rather inflexible with it's data structure. Most of the issues I've found solutions to, but I've run into a particular issue with a custom object that I can't solve.

The file contains a number of date fields.. but unfortunately when this system has a null value for a date, it enters "--/--/----" into the cell. On import, Eloqua takes one look at this, declares it mismatched data errors and throws out the entire row of data.

I can get around this by importing it as text and using update rules to simly remove the "--/--/----" values after it's loaded, but as it's not possible to convert text into a date in Eloqua, this isn't ideal as the date information can no longer be used for segmentation.

Does anyone know of an option to either tell Eloqua to ignore mismatched data on import or convert a custom object field data from text to a date?

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    Figured it out, it's the only setting under Integrations - Inbound - Management -Configure Data Import, where you can select "Reject Rows that have invalid data". Be aware that this is a global setting however, so disabling it will mean that Eloqua accepts any import that has some level of valid data.