Additional Simple Email Campaign Sending Options

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Within a Simple Email Campaign, we'd like to see additional Advanced Sending Options to include "Send email to unsubscribed members" and "Send email to master exclude members" checkbox that are already available on email steps within a Multi-Step Campaign.

I'm not sure of the rationale for why they don't currently exist as it forces you to execute a multi-step campaign any time a transactional based email in needed.

There are also permissions within our organization where we'd only want a user to have access to simple email campaigns, but currently cannot set it up this way since those users need to send transactional emails occasionally.

Hopefully this is a quick win since those checkboxes already exist in another area.

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  • Hey @Kyle_Murphy,

    Makes sense. I think we left those options of the Simple Campaign initially (many, many years ago) to avoid potential compliance concerns with people too easily overriding excludes and subscription status. Since then however we've got more role based security and governance options in place. You're right that the implementation should be reasonably straightforward. I've highlight this feature request to the team for consideration in our release planning.

    Hope you're well!


  • Kyle_Murphy
    Kyle_Murphy Posts: 14 Red Ribbon

    Hi @Stephen Streich-Oracle -

    Greatly appreciate the quick acknowledgement and confirmation that this will be considered in your release planning. I'm encouraged to hear that the implementation should be reasonably straightforward as well.

    Please keep me updated if I can assist in any way!

    Thanks again,