CDO Reporting - How to export a filtered list of CDO records without using Insight

The Custom Data Object is a fantastic storage tool that complements the Eloqua Contact and Account Tables. There are multiple ways of accessing the CDO records.

You can use the predefined CDO reporting options:

Or you can upload your CDO to Insight:

Do you have millions of CDO records and does Excel freeze when you export the data? Have you reached the limit of CDOs uploaded to Insight? Your CDO is in Insight, but you don't have all the fields you need?

Here is an alternative way of exporting a filtered list of CDO records.

Step 1. Build a Segment with the CDO filters you need:

In my case, I selected all of the form activities coming from a specific business unit. I got 88 contacts with interactions in my Activity CDO.

Step 2. Build a CDO Program Canvas with an empty Listener -> Your CDO Filters (the same ones you applied at the segment level in Step 1) -> Exit Points:

Step 3. Build an intermediate Contact Program Canvas with an Entry Point (The segment built in Step 1.) -> Add Linked Record to Program -> Exit Point:

In the "Add Linked Record to Program" step, please select your CDO, identify the CDO Program Canvas built in Step 2, and select the Listener:

Step 4. Activate the CDO Program Canvas and then the Contact Program Canvas.

Eloqua will evaluate the contacts (88 in my case) -> identify all of the CDO records linked to these contacts (441 in my case) -> move them to the CDO program canvas -> and filter them based on my rules. Here is the result:

Step 5. Double-click on the list of CDO records you want to export:

Eloqua will prompt a window with the CDO records. Select All and Export the report.

You will receive a notification when the report is ready.

The report will include all of the fields from your CDO. Isn't that great?!

Deactivate the programs and enjoy the result. 😊

I hope you find this article useful.

Warm regards,

Ioana Stofor

Marketing Automation Expert & Project Lead

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