Opportunity CDO Field Mapping to Account Field Not Working with SFDC Integration App

User_YKCN6 Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hi All,

I am trying to map 2 fields from the Oppty CDO to the Account object. The Oppty CDO is currently linked to the account object using SFDC Account ID. I can also confirm that the data cards coming in from the SFDC Integration app are indeed mapping correctly to their corresponding accounts as well.

However, the account fields I mapped did not get populated when the data cards are created and/or modified from the SFDC integration. The only time I got the field mapping to work is when I manually re-map the CDO record to the account.

Are there system limitations on CDO to account field mapping using the SFDC integration app that I am not aware of?

I have also eliminated the following potential causes:

  1. Field type and field limit - Good (Data is well under 250 character limits)
  2. Data Priority - Good (CRM Integration is top)
  3. Integration mapping - Good (CDO records are mapped correctly to account using SFDC account ID)