Show # of Duplicates on the Upload Email Confirmation

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We've had a few scenarios where users uploaded a sheet with duplicates and were concerned why the # of rows didn't match the # after merge. As a work around I told them to check for duplicates before doing the upload.

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    If this is still true of how Eloqua works (it's been a while since I "tested" this!), if there is a duplicate row of data, the update rules Eloqua uses for uploads may be pulling from both rows--it pulls alphabetically so if you have

    [email protected] Bob Jones Manager

    [email protected] Robert Jones Assistant Manager

    Eloqua combines the two but keeps the ABC-first value - so you get combined data

    [email protected] Bob Jones Assistant Manager

    This is just an example. With other data fields, this behavior may be more impactful so it's ALWAYS a good idea to dedupe your lists before uploading, to preserve data integrity as much as you can. (Also would help to address the root of the duped data --ie, the database you pulled it from--but we don't always have control over that. :) )