Maintain history of contact fatigue over time

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Here's one for @Wren Ludlow-Oracle - and something I mentioned before - but how about getting access to a contact's Fatigue value over time? Great to know what their fatigue level is now, but be need to be able to link cause and effect if we are to prevent contacts from simply bounced between levels where we have no idea what it is that we are doing (or not) to engage them correctly. I know Eloqua doesn't really have auditing set on fields (pity BTW) - but when it comes to things like fatigue and leadscore that are adjusted over time being able to see this history would be very useful. It would not need to be consumable for segmentation or canvas filtering - thinking more about it's application in Insight reporting (and please make sure whatever you do the data is available via an API endpoint for all of us who export out data to warehouses, CDPs and BI tools please.

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