Salesforce App - More Filter Conditions for Marketing Activities

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While the Salesforce Integration app is extremely powerful and includes built-in export options for a variety of marketing activities, such as email clicks, form submissions, unsubscribes, etc., the Filter Activities that allow you to "Send the activities to Salesforce only if the following conditions are met" are very limited.

For example, it appears that you can only use Contact fields in your filtering conditions, which for the purpose of deciding what email clicks to send over is irrelevant.

If, for example, there were email attribute fields available for filtering conditions, we could more strategically and efficiently identify which email clicks to send over instead of sending ALL email clicks, or ALL email opens, which could be overwhelming to the Salesforce users depending on volumes.

If "Email Name", "Email Folder, "Source URL of Email Click", etc. was available as part of the filtering conditions, you could easily increase the impact and effectiveness of the integration into your Salesforce org.

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