Dynamic/Conditional Form Options

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We have many requests to have dynamic/conditional options when creating a form. For example, if a contact was completing the form and was looking at dietary restrictions, if they selected "Other", another field would populate automatically or if they select a specific option on a form, additional fields would populate requiring more information.

As a work around, we've been using Gravity Forms and connecting the two forms through an integration but this requires two forms to be created and we have to make sure all the HTML names on both fields match, which can take some time and it's quite a process to try and train our users how to use both Eloqua and Gravity Forms.

It would be a lot easier to have this feature built right in Eloqua.

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  • Spyridon Settos
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    This is a functionality we had to develop in our frontend as well, so we could use it. Since we are looking to insert Eloqua forms directly in our CMS, we would need this feature as well.

    @Oracle: If developed, please take into consideration, that the author can decide how many additional/appearing form fields will be displayed, if a specific value was selected. Also the option to set it up in a way, that Option A shows Form fields 1,2,3, Option B shows Form fields 1,4,5,6 and Option C shows nothing more should be possible.