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We are attempting to empower our Salesforce users (who only use Profiler/Engage) to validate a customer's email address in Eloqua after confirming directly with them as part of a normal touchpoint.

While Unsubscribe and Hard Bounce statues are visible in Salesforce via Profiler, etc., there does not appear to be any native option to allow a Salesforce user to reset/validate an email. Allowing for this directly in Profiler would be the easiest, but in absence of that - we've created a blind form submit process that will at least allow sales reps to globally subscribe a contact from a click in Salesforce.

I imagine something similar could be done via a program and a Salesforce Integration import process.

Unfortunately; though, there are not native processing steps or campaign/program steps that will systematically reset a hard bounce status, so we are unable to import a similar creative workaround.

Including a form processing step to reset a bounceback status or including it as a step in a program would allow for this type of integration.

As many of us are aware, there could be a variety of reasons why a contact is incorrectly labeled as a hard bounce, so making it easier to reset the status is important for data hygiene.

Note that I am aware of the bulk bounceback status reset as part of a shared list, but again - someone with Eloqua access would be required to manually select that, as opposed to a more automated process that still contains the appropriate checks and balances.

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