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Hi Team,

We have recently  rolled out to engage the  end user with campaign email. Part of this activity the end user will receive the email with cvent registration link, Thereafter they registration process will take care by Cvent and the final status will be update back to eloqua. The additional requirement is all the end user email should cc or forwarded to the contact owner. This is business need to satisfy ,if end user is not responding the email then the contact owner directly reach out the end user with this email .

If not, do others have the same request?  If it is doable, can someone share how this is done? ,Please Help me ASAP its really very much urgent.



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    This link gives you all the info you'd need.

    I think here are your options:

    1. Buy a deliverability package from Eloqua that allows you to BCC.
    2. Send an email by adding the contacts you want to cc directly.
    3. Or Dave mentioned the use of Program Builder and CDO's to accomplish something very similar.