Eloqua API to setup contact field property - Prevent use of this field in Web Data Lookkups

Hi Eloqua API team,

I am add new contact fields to standard contact record using POST api/rest/1.0/assets/contact/filed endpoint. Can you advise what's attribute to use when creating a new field to set or unset "Prevent use of this field in Web Data Lookups" property. I don't seem to find which property to use from the list of properties from the API endpoint document. Attached is screen shot of the filed property I want set/unset when creating a new contact field.

thanks for our advise in advance.

Wayne Chan


  • Wayne Chan-Oracle
    Wayne Chan-Oracle Posts: 31 Employee

    API team,

    I noticed some contact filed is setup with Output format option such as "#" or "MM/dd/yyyy" for date format. These output format option is displayed as a numeric"outputFormatId" when I dumped the contact filed details (using /api/res/1.0/assets/contact/field/{id}. Can you advise where can I find out the numeric values for different outputFormatId from an Eloqua instance. And are these numeric values different from instance to instance or they are standard across all Eloqua instances ?? I have multiple instances to build and need to create same additional set of contact fields on these instances. So I need to know can I use the same outputFormatId(s) for all Eloqua instances or they are unique ... thx

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