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Make sure the Campaign CRM ID is always filled in when 'Sync with CRM' checkbox is checked

User_LXYQ1 Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I have a request of how I want the Eloqua application should behave. The idea is based on Oracle Support Doc ID 1942162.1.


There is a problem with creating/copying Multi-Step campaigns in Eloqua. Sometimes when you create a campaign, save it, re-open the campaign the CRM Campaign ID is not shown. You have to wait some time till the ID is shown and only then you should save. If you save the campaign before the ID is shown, then this field will never be populated with the right ID. It is forever blank. This is not user friendly.

Desired situation:

If a campaign is saved and re-opened always show the CRM Campaign ID. It should not be possible to end with a campaign that has no CRM Campaign ID if the 'Sync with CRM' checkbox is checked.

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