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New contacts by form in insight reporting

User_EY8XG Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited November 2020 in Developer Tools

Hello - is there is a simple way to query if a contact was new/existing when a form was submitted in a custom analysis?

Feels like standard functionality but can't find the option - there is a 'new' field but the values returned are wrong.



  • Alexa Kalapaca-Oracle
    Alexa Kalapaca-Oracle Posts: 199 Employee

    New contacts can be tracked via campaign reporting, but no, not via a form subject area.

    Via form processing you could add the contact to a shared list, campaign or program and track the creation that way? Maybe others have other suggestions.

  • Greg_W
    Greg_W Posts: 14 Silver Badge

    Without logging into Insight to validate, my instinct would be to see if you can join contact and form submission data, then build a calculated dimension which checks if difference between the contact creation date/time and the form submission date/time is within X minutes then assume they are created as a result of the form submission?


  • andrepazleal
    andrepazleal Posts: 36 Red Ribbon

    What if you use in OBIEE the combination of those two columns:

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