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Susan Thacker
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I have a Custom Data Object driving Dynamic Content, however I'd like the rules to look at the last entry into the Custom Data Object. One contact can have multiple entries into the custom object, however my Dynamic Content picks up the first assigned to the contact.

I am not showing the entry from the Custom Object in all cases - I have set text I want to show depending on the answers. Using Merge Fields can achieve what I want but only shows the entry.

I am sure there is a setting somewhere to help me achieve this.

Any suggestions most gratefully received.


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  • bharathidasan Pushpanathan
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    Hi Susan,

    Currently Eloqua doesn't have a feature like showing the last entry custom data object in Dynamic content. Dynamic content will look for the rules/conditions value match irrespective of entry. So to resolve this issue I would suggest to create a cloud app.


  • Constantin Gutic -  LogDMS.com
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    Hi Susan,

    If the setup permits this, why not switch to a CDO with email address as the unique key? That way a contact can be mapped to just one record and your Dynamic Content will behave as you intended.

    Kind regards,

    Constantin Gutic

    Marketing Automation Consultant


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