Is there a way to identify via timestamp lead scores that were changed by date

BentacularOne Posts: 5 Red Ribbon

I want to refresh the lead scores but only from a certain timeframe (i.e. eliminate scores from 2015 - 2019)

Is there a way to only apply scores applied from 2020 on?


  • Larisa Chirila - LogDMS.com
    Larisa Chirila - LogDMS.com Posts: 12 Red Ribbon

    Hi BentacularOne,

    The only way to identify the date when the user adds the lead scoring value is to have a process that stamps the date when the lead scoring is modified. If you don't have this implementation, you can't determine a particular timeframe.

    My recommendation would be to add a new field for Lead Score Date and add in there the most recent date when the Lead scoring was updated.  

    Kind Regards,

    Larisa Chirila

    Marketing Automation Coordinator


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