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Ability to Edit other User's Agents

Ken Jin-Oracle
Ken Jin-Oracle Posts: 8 Red Ribbon
edited Oct 4, 2018 11:01PM in Dream It

The current design is that:

  • Only creators can edit agents.
  • Agents are personal objects. In the Classic Insight users were not able to edit other user's subscriptions, it is same in Insight (OBIEE).
  • If someone try to update other user's Agent, error is shown up:
    • 2018-10-03_130508_2.jpg

The reason of why this Idea:

  • Only the creator of an agent can edit the agent. So if they leave the company, all the agents they created are static forever.
  • Based on the ER 28061072, currently the user who created an Agent is the only one entitled to edit it, even if other users have an Analyzer License. Lots of customers are looking for a consistent ability across all users who have been allocated the Analyzer license to be able to edit and modify all reports, dashboard and agents. This will allow for all users to seamlessly be able to assist other users and make any necessary changes as required without the restriction assets permissions being an issue.
  • We noticed that if we copy the agent and modify the copied agent, we can not even save the modification to the copied agent. So what is your suggestion if the agent creator left the company and we need to modify the agents he created?
  • Our use case is primarily to create agents that send to other people, not ourselves. I rather doubt we are alone in this. I create agents that send to other people. If I leave the company how do those other people get their agents edited? The answer is the cannot.
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  • Michelle D
    Michelle D Posts: 25 Bronze Badge

    When there was first talk about the new insight we had discussed with eloqua /oracle that we really wanted to be able to have certain admins, those who create and manage the reports, be able to update any agent.  At that time it was indicated this would be the case and agents would be easier to manage as we struggled with this in classic as well.  We'd have reports fired off that we didn't know where the heck they were coming from because a user had left and had reports firing off.  We were disappointed when we realized this wasn't going to be the case in the new tool and we have the same issue as we did in classic. I vote this up 10X if I could based on past experience and issues we had with classic.


  • monali
    monali Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

    I was under the impression that we can all view and edit each other's agents. Surprised to see that's not the case. I couldn't even see anyone's agents except mine. At least if we can see someone else's agent, we can disable that agent (if we can't edit it) if they were to leave the company.

  • kkandler
    kkandler Posts: 7 Blue Ribbon

    How has this not been done yet? Please please adjust so that this is possible!

  • Danielle Rosa
    Danielle Rosa Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Are we still unable to edit other user's agents? Thank you!

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D Posts: 25 Bronze Badge
    edited May 19, 2021 8:29AM

    Just curious if there is an update on this one? We still aren't able to update other agents. If we give permissions we should be able to allow users to update our agents at least. It means then that I am not able to pass on my tasks to someone else and they have to recreate everything I've created so they can make adjustments and changes over time and we use agents a lot. Such a strange concept..

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  • Do we have any solution for this? Its a tedious job to recreate the ibot of the users who has left the company

  • Kerry_Hughes
    Kerry_Hughes Posts: 2 Red Ribbon

    I do not believe this has been addressed yet. Hoping the product team will take this up soon as it is a surprising issue within an overwise robust reporting tool

  • ceoewing
    ceoewing Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

    This is really important. Please include.