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Segmentation/scoring incapable of distinguishing records that visited many pages

I was surprised to find out that current segmentation/scoring is incapable of distinguishing a record who visited 1 page during their session vs a record who visited 20 pages during their session. To eloqua this all falls under the umbrella of "visited website 1 time". I was under the impression that we could segment/score based on the # of pages someone visited. This is not the case, you can only segment/score based on the # of "sessions" a user racks up (meaning they have to close their browser/tab for a session to complete). Upon learning this is not core functionality, it was suggested that i offer this up as an idea to see if it gets traction. What do you all think?

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  • gary.peterson
    gary.peterson Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

    Agreed. Being able to assess how much content was viewed and not just that a session happened would be extremely valuable, especially for scoring. Thanks for bubbling this up, Joseph.

  • James Solo
    James Solo Posts: 16 Silver Medal

    100%! Eloqua has a lot of web related data, but it is difficult to access, siloed, and use within the core platform. Or, its just not accessible within the core platform for use.

    I have a similar Idea posted (https://community.oracle.com/topliners/discussion/4476833/add-page-view-activities-to-the-account-engagement-score-calculation) more at the Account, but both Contact and Account level web data should be easy to access and use throughout.

    To get around the core platform gaps, I've relied a lot on using the web related areas in Insight to extract and transform the web data. I then use Agents to automate export files which are emailed to me as attachments and use Microsoft Power Automate flows to save the excel file attachments to an ftp. I then have a series of Auto Synchs to import the data BACK into Eloqua.

    Its a convoluted process that has many points of failure, but its automated and flexible.