ProductImport Call - Customer has proceed to the next stage

Dinesh Arulmani - Oracle-Oracle
Dinesh Arulmani - Oracle-Oracle Senior ConsultantPosts: 1 Employee

Hi Team,

Is it possible to do a ProductImport call, if the customer has proceeded to the next stage? For more information please check the below image,

Please let me know your thoughts.




  • Once the enactment ( contact ) is moved out of stage any data (import call) received after that will not be available in the Next stage.

    Can you please give more information for your usecase. Ideally the App is expected to do following things.

    1. In product, App stage gets executed.
    2. App receives the data.
    3. App process the data and make import call ( send back data to product ).
    4. App sends onCompletion call ( marks the completion of service invocation ).
    5. Data moves from app stage to next stage.

    In your case, it seems app making import call post data moved out of app stage and you wants to update the latest value received ? Irrespective of stage ?