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Continued Intermittent Failure of Apps in Program Canvas

jdebrincat Posts: 14 Silver Badge

Just want to post the issue/question to make sure I am not the only one experiencing this...

We have continued/ongoing issues with any app on Program Canvas.

  • Contacts blowing through Contact Washing Machine without transformation (had to buy Ringlead to fix this)
  • SFDC App not syncing fields correctly (Lead Status = New even though fields and mapping have other values)
  • Errors and contacts getting stuck in app steps - having to create loops to re-run records back through the steps to clear them
  • Intermittent slowness monthly - where leads get stuck in sync steps for hours

Tickets have been opened and remain open "Development Working". Support conversations have been had. At the end of the day, I am just about done. Been an Eloqua user since 2008 and a big advocate, but I think that needs to change soon.



  • CoreyL
    CoreyL Posts: 9 Red Ribbon

    Just today, our CWM stopped processing contacts which resulted in the contacts simply being stuck in the CWM step. Our CWM contains a single action. We use it to strip the username out of the email address and place it into an "Email Address Username' custom field so that we can use the data in this field in our data hygiene programs.

    As I was looking into the issue, I also noticed that our form submit app stopped as well.

    We have a ticket open with support and awaiting a better response than their 'try reinstalling the app' response because even after reinstalling the app, the CWM app still doesn't work.