Export definition for CDO, how to I pass 10k/20k records using "filter": "STATUS('{{ActionInstance..

Indira S
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Hi All,

I want to create an export definition for CDO objects to export CDO data from a campaign where I have my app. My record definition looks as below, passing the records using the "status" filter, API endpoint /api/bulk/2.0/customobjects/id/exports

{ "name": "Hot Air Balloon Export", 

"fields": { "address1": "{{CustomObject[13].Field[296]}}",

 "city": "{{CustomObject[13].Field[289]}}" }, 

"filter": "STATUS('{{ActionInstance(6b304cfb372449c4b56e859ec9c70586).Execution[4860]}}') = 'pending'" }

The status filter works for contact entity but not CDO entity.

My questions:

1.Are there any other filters I can use (I do not have any set pattern of the segment I am passing)

2.Am I using this Status filter in wrong syntax or can I not use status filter for retrieving CDO objects?

3.Any other suggestions to export bulk CDO data at once ?

Thanks for the help in advance,



  • Lou Patrick
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    The canvas type must match the object, e.g. if it's a Campaign canvas you can only export Contacts. If it's a Custom Object Program canvas you can export custom objects. Note, the Custom Object Id selected for the Custom Object Program canvas must match the Custom Object Id used in the Bulk API export.

    As to your question on volume, if you include the Execution Id you can only export the max Execution batch size of 5000. If you remove the Execution Id you can export all pending records in the step. Here is how the filter would look without Execution Id:

    "filter": "STATUS('{{ActionInstance(6b304cfb372449c4b56e859ec9c70586)}}') = 'pending'"

  • Indira S
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    Dear Lou,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I wanted to export Contact+Account+CDO data from campaign for an app, from a campaign. Your answer suggests that it cant be done.

    On the export part, I wanted to use this filter to export CDO data from a campaign. Again unfortunately, I cant use app status as filter to export CDO data using Bulk/Rest API.

    The confirmation was helpful.

    Thank you,