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Joel Murphy
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How does lead scoring treat the same user who uses multiple email addresses i.e. if we are looking to exclude freemail addresses from receiving a percent of score but the same contact has provided first their corporate email and then their freemail does the cookie which tracks these "profile" details give preferential treatment in the lead score model?


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  • Thamina Christensen-Oracle
    Thamina Christensen-Oracle Group Product Manager Posts: 143 Employee
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    First, a detail around activity. If it is an activity that is linked directly to the contact, the activity will be on that contact record. If it is using the visitor profile (like a website visit) it will be for the contact the profile is linked to, based on our priority system for linking known visitors. Second, excluding an email address from the lead scoring would affect the activity information from the associated profile. We prioritize the first contact we see on a visitor, so if the gmail address is seen before the corporate one, the corporate one would need to do a higher priority link before it would be the primary profile from my understanding. Having an email sent to the corporate email and generating a link (form submission or click through) between that profile and activity will then bring that higher priority.