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Watch the on-demand webcast: Robotic Process Automation August 21st 2018




For your reference I include here some useful links:


And here 5 steps the download the latest Community Edition of our Studio + Robot and get some hands on experience

  1. Download community edition of UiPath https://www.uipath.com/community
  2. Sign up for our UiPath Academy and take all free online courses https://www.uipath.com/academy
  3. For any support and help use the UiPath forum https://forum.uipath.com/?hsCtaTracking=9ada4bd3-3a49-4961-9361-6e8a75d4f08e%7C685f3d4f-9bde-4ebc-9862-6b07bec95791
  4. When you have installed the Studio Community Edition register your first tenant in our Azure UiPath Orchestrator version. http://platform.uipath.com
  5. Once you have undergone the core trainings and you have set up your Studio and Robot for the community Edition, registered your orchestration tenant in the Azure Orchestrator version. You can start testing the REST API to the orchestrator to activate the robots. Here is the detailed API documentation: https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/Documentation/OrchestratorAPIGuide_2016.2/UiPathOrchestratorAPIGuide_2016.2.html