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Security & Management Cloud - EMEA Partner Community

About this group

Welcome to the Oracle Security & Management Cloud EMEA Partner Community! This private group is your exclusive "One Stop Shop" to all information on Oracle Identity Management, Database Security, Oracle Cloud Security & Oracle Management Cloud Services. Only Community profiles with corporate Oracle Partner email address will be approved by the moderators. - Login to Oracle Community with your Oracle Web Profile (if you don't have one, please REGISTER above). - Make sure to complete your individual profile on - Come back to the Oracle Identity & Security EMEA Partner Community and request access by Clicking on the ‘’Ask to join this group’’ button located under ‘’This is a private group’’ Follow @OracleSecurity @OracleMgmtCloud #MgmtCloud #OPNCloudSecurity

Owned by:Theodoros Demosthenous-Oracle, Constantine Steriadis-Oracle, Carmen Grigoras-Oracle, Mihai_Dragomir-Oracle, Thanos Terentes Printzios-Oracle, Luca Martelli-Oracle, Julien Haye-Oracle, Pablo Hanono-Oracle
Tags:casb, emea partner community, gdpr, idcs, identity, identity and security, opn, oracle cloud security services, oracle database security, oracle identity & security emea partner community, oracle identity management, oracle security, partner community, partners, security, security monitoring & analytics
Created:May 11, 2017 4:02:07 PM
Group Type:Private