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Identity & Security EMEA Partner Community

About this group

Welcome to the Oracle Identity & Security EMEA Partner Community! This private group is your exclusive "One Stop Shop" to all information on Oracle Identity Management, Database Security and of course Oracle Cloud Security Services. Only Community profiles with corporate Oracle Partner email address will be approved by the moderators. - Login to Oracle Community with your Oracle Web Profile (if you don't have one, please REGISTER above). - Make sure to complete your individual profile on - Come back to the Oracle Identity & Security EMEA Partner Community and request access by Clicking on the ‘’Ask to join this group’’ button located under ‘’This is a private group’’ Follow @OracleSecurity #OPNCloudSecurity

Owned by:Carmen Grigoras-Oracle, Mihai_Dragomir-Oracle, Thanos Terentes Printzios-Oracle, Luca Martelli-Oracle, Julien Haye-Oracle, Pablo Hanono-Oracle
Tags:casb, emea partner community, gdpr, idcs, identity, identity and security, opn, oracle cloud security services, oracle database security, oracle identity & security emea partner community, oracle identity management, oracle security, partner community, partners, security, security monitoring & analytics
Created:May 11, 2017 4:02:07 PM
Group Type:Private